BentoGroupMinerals is the large Russian producer and supplier of bentonite and production on the basis of the bentonitic clays.
The Company possesses its own raw-material base and produces bentonitic powders and bentonitic granules of the high-quality natural sodium bentonite, extracted on the Sarigyukh deposit (Republic of Armenia).

Bentonite for
drilling agents

Bentonitic powders of the BGM corresponding to the international standard АPI-13A considerably improve viscosity of the drilling agents, reduce water loss and thickness of clay coating, contribute to the better withdraw of dead rock from the borehole cavity and stabilize pressure

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Bentonite for metallurgy

Ball bentonitic clay and gel powder of the Bento roup Minerals are intended for balling of the iron-ore concentrate while producing rolled briquettes.

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Bentonite for
foundry engineering

Forming bentonitic gel powders of the Bento Group Minerals correspond to the top quality under GOST classification – P1T1 (П1Т1). They allow receiving the best qualitative forms and faultless casting.

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Bentonite for winemaking

Transparency is one of the main indicators of wine quality. Bentonite suits perfectly filtration and clarification of wines, and stabilization of proteins in the must, wine and fruit juice.

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Bentonite is a natural clay material which is a unique sorbent. It possesses high binding ability, and during hydration dilatation it expands by 15-25 time.

These properties, as well as nontoxic feature and chemical durability make bentonite an irreplaceable material in metallurgy, foundry engineering, building, drilling, and filtration of liquids and in other areas.


Bento Group Minerals restore the production of acid-activated bentonite