BentoGroupMinerals is the large Russian producer and supplier of bentonite and production on the basis of the bentonitic clays. The basis of the company raw-material base is the Sarigyukh deposit which is mined by "Combine" “Ijevan bentonite” (Republic of Armenia).

The bentonite clay production at the Sarigyukh deposit was launched in 1967. Six years later “Ijevan bentonite” "Combine" was built and begun production of high-quality bentonitic powders. The production volume of the Combine has reached 50 thousand tons per year in 1974. By 1990 the Combine had 8 lines to produce 400 thousand tons of bentonitic materials a year, which was delivered mainly to foundries of the USSR. In 1996 the enterprise has been privatized. In connection with disintegration of the USSR the Combine development was stopped for some time.

In 2009 our Company has finished the first stage of re-equipment of the Combine. Today it is a modern enterprise which can make about 100 thousand tons of bentonitic powders per year. The further reconstruction will increase productivity by approximately 2 times and will allow filling up the assortment with such products as organophilic amendments, salt-resistant drilling muds and grouting mortars.

The sphere of perspective interests of our Company also includes development of deposits, production and realization of products on the basis of natural raw materials, such as zeolite and pearlite.

BentoGroupMinerals produces bentonite and bentonitic powders of the high-quality natural sodium material extracted at the Sarigyukh deposit.