Bentonite for winemaking

Transparency is one of the main indicators of wine quality. Bentonite suits perfectly filtration and clarification of wines, and stabilization of proteins in the must, wine and fruit juice. When adding this clay material id, flakes are formed in the liquid which settle together with dregs, thus making the wine transparent.

BentoGroupMinerals bentonitic powders and bentonitic granules correspond to the requirements of OST 18-49-71 “Bentonites for wine products”. They can be used independently for stabilization of proteins or in combination as auxiliary means before clarification.

To pick up optimum quantity bentonite it is necessary to preliminary test each batch of wine - trial fining and test for heating and cooling.

Technical characteristics of the product

Designation of specified indicators and measure units Admissible level Fact*
Humidity, % 5,0 - 10,0 8,6
рН water suspension, no more than 9,0 8,4
Swelling ability, % not less than 80,0 90,8
Adsorption of proteins, % not less than 25,0 28,7
Substances dissolved in 10 % vinegar g/100 g , no more than 5,0 4,4
Content of metal cations in the vinegar extract, mg/100 g, no more than    
Calcium 60,0 76,0
Iron 80,0 4,6
Arsenic Exclude No
Cadmium 0,0006 No
Mercury Exclude No
Alkalinity, ml 0,1 нsolution Н2SO4 for 100 g of bentonite 30,0-40,0 35,2
Content of sand, % 4,0 2,6

(*) - According to conclusion №122 as of December 17, 2007 of the “North Caucasian zonal Scientific & Research Institute of Gardening and Wine Growing of the Russian Academy of Agriculture, laboratory of stabilization, chemistry and wine microbiology”.

BentoGroupMinerals In 2008 Bento Group Minerals specialists with assistance of experts of the branch research-and-production associations and the Russian state universities developed the technology of mechanical activation.