Our company produces bentonite and bentonitic powders of the high-quality natural sodium material. The clay is extracted at the Sarigyukh deposit which is located in the Tavush area of the Republic of Armenia.

Commercial reserves of this deposit amount to more than 70 million tons. Thus, it is understood that extracted raw material is one of the most qualitative in the CIS territory. According to its properties it verges towards the clays of Wyoming (USA) which are considered to be the best in the world. The content of montmorillonite, a mineral which the quality of the end-product basically depends on, is almost 90 % in the Sarigyukh clay.

Chemical composition of the Sarigyukh bentonite

The Deposit is excavated by quarry operation. To supervision of the extraction process and the raw materials quality is provided by our Company with the help of regular geologic and technical survey of the Sarigyukh deposit and geological prospecting.

Together with factory “Shebekino Animal Feeds” (Shebekino, Belgorod Region) Bento Group Minerals experts have developed a premix for birds VITAL Ultra on the Sarigyukh bentonite basis.